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Brickworks CMS for Healthcare ® is the first website management tool designed for Healthcare businesses to engage with their patients online.


Site Management

  • Unlimited sites can be created within the application with different navigation for each
  • Each site can have its own theme
  • Sites can have a closed set of users
  • Set up of test sites and support for copying content between sites


Page Management

  • Unlimited pages in each site
  • Pages can be submenus
  • Hidden pages for work in progress
  • Each page can have different themes
  • Drag and drop reordering
  • Copy pages to enable quick reproduction of content
  • Copy pages to other sites
  • Choose which users can see and edit on a page by page basis


Content Management

  • Content is managed by using our patented “Brick” system
  • Content bricks can be rich text, images, videos, carousels or a mixture
  • Bricks can be quickly moved around and reordered to experiment with layouts
  • Bricks can be templated and copied to enable quick reproduction of content
  • Bricks can be laid out in different canvasses or templates and multiplied to the right to support dynamic multicolumn layouts



  • Interactive blogs with user comments
  • Admins have to approve comments
  • Auto archiving of old blog posts
  • Permalinks


Booking system

  • Allow patients to book into your business online
  • Supports multiple sites per instance and multiple sessions per site
  • Fully configurable time slots, times of day
  • Allow block out periods for weekends, holiday and staff absences
  • Full email reminder system


Mobile ready

  • All aspects are mobile friendly (even site editing)
  • Handy preview modes to allow editors to see what the site will look like in mobile without resizing browsers
  • Switch on/off content based on device
  • Update content directly from your mobile device


Search Engine Optimised

  • Designed from the ground up for SEO
  • SEO warning panel to tell you when you are breaching SEO
  • Integrated with Google Analytics and SUMOME to bring added analytics and statistics about your visitors



  • SSL enabled (requires added certificate)
  • Each site can be secured by role with users in role
  • Each page can be locked down to who can view and edit
  • Each document can be locked down to allow private libaries
  • Hosted on Azure e-Gov compliant security



  • Unlimited topics and categories for threaded discussions
  • Encourages user-based feedback
  • Notification of new topics/replies


RSS Feeds

  • Allows you to extract information from other NHS feeds and display them on your site
  • Style and surface any information from other sources
  • Links can then take you to the original content


Integration with back office

  • Brickworks CMS can integrate with any back office databases to display content from your internal systems
  • Secure transfer mechanism of non-patient data from N3 networks


Some of the primary usages:

  • CCGs
  • Pharmacy / Outpatient
  • Clinics
  • Community-based sites
  • Intranets/Extranets
  • Knowledge management
  • Clinical information
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