Release 4

Brickworks V4 Release is now ready and it's jam-packed with new features and improvements to user interface. We've completely redesigned the blog, added in the ability to create your own forum and improved overall user experience of the CMS.

Blog enhancement

We now have a fully summarised blog page showing the latest 6 blog posts and an index menu which allows you to get to blog posts from an earlier date. Once these posts are clicked on you will be directed to a page that has the complete content of the blog that you clicked. 


You can now implement you own forum for customers of yours to communicate on. This forum can be split into separate categories which can then be further split into threads, in these threads you can create your own post in relation to the thread. 

Booking System


A fully functional booking system has been built in to Brickworks so you can set up bookings for customers or clients if necessary. You will be able to configure the time and number of staff available and have people book slots for these times, you can also block certain day's from being booked like bank holidays etc.


Site Roles


Sites can now have roles which means that only user's with the roles needed to access that site can do so. 



Invite Users 


You can now invite multiple user's to your Brickworks site and automatically add them to a role which saves a lot of time when getting user's to sign up


Document Roles


Documents now have the option of getting a role giving you the ability to choose who can or cannnot view the document 




Request a Feature


You can now request a feature for Brickworks CMS yourself, if you have any idea's that you would like to see in the application use this feature to do so.



Replace Image


We have added in the ability to replace images in the gallery, this allows user's to quickly replace images which will also change that image on any pages that it's being used on


Hidden Pages


You can now hide  pages from the Page Manager without having to go into every pages properties individually.


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