Release 2

Please see a list below of all features in R2, which should enhance your Brickworks experience.

Page and Site Themes

Many of our clients have asked for this feature and we have obliged.  Specific site and page-based templates can now be created in Brickworks CMS to enable you to instantly change the look and feel of individual elements of your site.  This feature prevents the need for creating specific CSS on each brick which can often be hard to keep track of.  Firstly you can set a theme at the site level which means that all pages in that site will inherit your theme but then you can override the theme at the page level.   The Page and Site Themes can be found in the Manage Sites/Edit screen and the Manage Site Pages/Edit Properties respectively:

Site Theme

Page Theme


Layout mode (Drag and Drop)

Our new layout mode allows you to take a step back from your web page and zoom out so you can get full visibility of your layout.  From here you can drag and drop your bricks to experiment with different layouts.  After you have made your changes you can click the green button to save or the red button to discard your changes.  Layout Mode is available on the Edit Page menu next to the View Page menu item.

To use this feature simply grab the grey bar at the top and drag it to another location on the page



In-line videos

You can now create videos right inside your Text Bricks by clicking the "Insert Video" button on the editor:



Enhanced SEO Warnings

The SEO Warnings Panel on the Admin screen has been enhanced to detect new SEO breaches such as missing <h1> tags, out of sequence <h> tags and missing alt text from your images which prevents them from appearing in Google's Image searches (and also stop screen readers from providing image descriptions for the sight impaired).



My Profile page

Using the menu at the very bottom of the page when you are logged in, you can now click the "My Profile" page where you can edit your details or change your password:



Removal of Title Brick

We thought that the Title Brick was confusing so we removed it in favour of just being able to add a normal text brick and pick the Heading type from the dropdown:


Blog titles and perma links

When you create a Blog page and you now add bricks to that page you will be presented with a popup where you will enter the title of your blog post:

This will allow a title for the blog post to automatically get inserted so you don't need to add one separately.  If you would rather make your own title you can still do so...just leave the box blank.

If you want to link directly to the Blog post then you can use the permalink text:


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