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free upgrades 
full featured CMS
choice of 5 themes
max 1GB data
great for startups




your own domain
unlimited customisations *
your own design *
max 10GB data
great for small business


* Additional fees apply

Responsive and advanced editing

  • CMS designed around responsive canvas editor
  • Content “Bricks” collapse as device gets smaller and expands to fill large screens
  • One design fits all
  • New content editor allows you to change layouts and experiment with your design
  • Pages take minutes to author
  • Preview mode to view on all types of devices
  • Custom CSS and margin for Bricks
  • Bricks include Title, Text, Image, Carousel, Table, Video and RSS (more types coming soon)
  • Copy Text bricks to save time
  • Advance HTML source editor for tweaking and linking

CMS Features

  • Dynamic site page structure to any level
  • HTML content, including images, videos and documents
  • User self-registration for personalized experiences
  • Image carousels and ad rotators
  • News and Event widgets/tickers
  • Document management
  • Blog and Forums
  • Image light box
  • External news feeds (RSS)
  • Site maps
  • Contact and interactive forms
  • Edit headers and footers
  • Secure pages by user groups to use for intranets

Search Engine Optimised and Social Media integration

  • CMS is fully SEO compliant
  • URL’s define human readable content
  • Integrated link checker prevents broken links
  • Each page can define custom meta tags
  • All content bricks support accessibility and SEO crawls
  • Links to social media posts and mutual feeds
  • Brickworks CMS Gold includes a monthly SEO/Social Media audit to keep you on top of your competitors
  • Integrated Google Analytics reports
  • Analysis is invaluable to understand your users and how they interact with your website
  • Provides key information to marketing and sales
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