Release 1

Unlimited Sites

You can now create as many "Sites" in Brickworks as you want.  Each site has it's very own menu structure which you can select from the Manage Site Pages Link:

You can create new sites by clicking on Manage Sites admin link:

You can then Create a new site and edit existing sites.  Provided the site doesn't have any pages in it you can also delete it.  If you want one of your sites to link to the other you can follow this pattern:

  • If it is the home (first) page in your default site you don't need anything to link to it:  e.g.  /
  • If it is any other page in the default site you can use this syntax: /pages/pagename  e.g. /pages/pricing
  • If you have created another site (e.g minisite) and it is the first page of that site you can use this example:  /sites/minisite/
  • Another page in that site (e.g. page1) would follow this syntax:  /sites/minisite/pages/page1


Copy Page

If you want to copy an existing site page there is now a Copy Page function from the Manage Site Pages menu:

When you copy a Page it will automatically create a new page with a version appended to it. E.g. if you page is called Careers the new page will be called Careers 1 and if you create a second copy it will be Careers 2

This feature could have the following uses:

  • Backup a page before making major edits
  • Create a template page, which you can then use to make more pages
  • Create a new copy of the page to edit, then delete the old page and rename the new page to the old one


Disable comments on the blog

You can now disable the ability to comment on your blog posts.   After you create a blog post you can click on the star to disable comments:

When the star is empty you can comment on the blog and if it is filled in, the blog comments are disabled

Misc bug fixes/enhancements:

  • When you remove a block you can click "Discard Changes" in the top right to restore your brick
  • When registering you must now enter a CAPTCHA (image text) to proceed to stop robots registering on your ste
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